Confession of a Foodie: I Like Iceberg Lettuce

The much-maligned iceberg lettuce is often dismissed as being tasteless and bland. It doesn’t have the vaulted status of romaine, the peppery tang of arugula or the sassy bite of endive. But I like it.

I like it crisp and crunchy on top of a juicy cheeseburger. I like it filling up a bowl of chopped salad topped with lots of fresh veggies and protein. I like cutting into an iceberg wedge topped with creamy Russian dressing or chunky blue cheese.

I hope you’ll like it in our recipe for BLT Pizza

“Lett-uce” know how you like your iceberg!

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Lemon & Lime in the Summertime

They say “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade”. We say, and Cocktails. And Pies. And Cookies.

The tangy juice of lemons and limes add a tart and delicious flavor to our featured cocktails and desserts. The bright taste is a refreshing complement to the summer sun.

To easily release their juices, roll lemons or limes with the palm of your hand over a hard counter surface before you slice or juice it.

Then pucker up and enjoy!


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Chill Out


Soothing and cooling summer soups are just the ticket to impress family and friends on a hot sultry night.

Using the freshest seasonal ingredients, our soups are colorful and delicious. Choose a glorious gazpacho, velvety vichyssoise or fanciful fruit soup.

Liven up your party with a sensational soup and chill out!


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Best meal I ever ate

The single BEST Italian dish I’ve ever eaten was in an Italian restaurant on The Ginza in Tokyo, Japan. Crazy, right?

Maybe it was so good because for the two week prior I had been eating some pretty exotic Japanese fare – some good, some unidentifiable. Even so, 20 years later, I still remember every sensuous, silky and slurpy bite of that pasta masterpiece. Read more...

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