Chill Out


Soothing and cooling summer soups are just the ticket to impress family and friends on a hot sultry night.

Using the freshest seasonal ingredients, our soups are colorful and delicious. Choose a glorious gazpacho, velvety vichyssoise or fanciful fruit soup.

Liven up your party with a sensational soup and chill out!

Absolute Pepper Gazpacho
Red & Yellow Tomato Gazpacho
Cucumber Vichyssoise
Spring Pea Vichyssoise
Chilled Peach Soup
Melon Gelees with Honeydew Melon Soup
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One Response to Chill Out

  1. D. Michals says:

    So nice to see this assortment of cold soups. Love gazpacho, but need variety, too. These recipes look delicious and so simple! Thank you!

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